Hypnotherapy Bicester

Avon Crescent, Bicester, OX25 2LZ
Telephone: 07917 453224

Hypnotherapy uses techniques of hypnotism in a therapeutic context. It is a simple and natural therapy which helps you reach a state of mind that allows new learning by connecting to the subconscious mind, thereby enabling old thoughts, habits and beliefs to be released and changed. Therapeutic hypnotherapy is not magic or a miracle cure – you have to want to effect change – then hypnotherapy can have a profoundly beneficial result. The following are example of conditions that may be alleviated with therapeutic hypnotherapy: Unwanted thoughts – including low esteem, low confidence, obsessive thoughts – Unwanted habits – including smoking, nail biting, over eating – Phobias – including fear of flying, fear of insects fear of public speaking, fear of crowds – Exam or interview nerves – Grief – Insomnia – Stress and Pain.