Books, CD’s, DVD’s & Games

  1. Device Doctors Computer Clinic

    28 Westgate, Grantham, NG31 6LX
    Telephone: 07952 44 01 67 or 07517 19 32 95

    Professional Laptops Hardware and Electronics repair centre. Pre-owned electronics, games for popular consoles, movies on DVD and Blu-ray. We offer: Short service time! Reasonable prices! Soldering services! Private computer lessons on site or at your facility! Call-outs are available!

  2. Westgate Gallery

    83 Westgate, Grantham NG31 6LE
    Telephone: 01476 578800

    We are a business with a unique selling point. We sell a large variety of items that cannot be bought elsewhere in this area. Our main products are children’s wooden toys, jigsaws, construction sets, games and books. We sell a wide range or art and craft materials. We sell a range of unusual high quality gifts, greeting cards & wrapping paper.